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Increase Your Immune System

Theramune has a state of the art formula. Increasing your immune system naturally with ingredients designed specifically to fight off free radicals and increase your immune defense naturally with our any harmful side effects.

How Theramune Works

We make it simple and easy to learn how our 11 in 1 immune system booster Theramune Works. Watch our short video explaining how and why our immune booster is the best.

Natural Immune Booster

Theramune has all natural immune boosting ingredients individually sourced from right here in the USA! Making our product something you can stand behind! Plus our 30 day Money Back guarentee. if you arent hppy with your purchase, return it for a full refund!

Best immune therapy booster. Theramune is an 11 in 1 immune system booster designed and manufactured in an FDA registered Facility.


Theramune - Immune System Booster

Immune System Increase
  • Virus Protection

    Give your immune system a boost against viruses. This 11 in 1 formula has been lab tested and clinically studied to boost your immune system naturally.

  • Powerful Antioxidants

    Theramune is packed full of the most powerfull antioxidents on this planet. Specifically designed to booster your immune system and defend against unwanted free radicals wreaking havok inside your body.

  • Recover

    Recovery is a natural process in the body. Increasing the recovery out put increases the bodys immune system naturaly. Our Ingredients help your body Restore its immune system daily.

  • Natural Immune Therapy

    Designed with all natural ingredients sourced from the USA. Theramune delivers a natural immune system increase that can help you stay healthy.

Why Choose Theramune - Immune System Booster

Boosting your immune system can do more than keep you healthy, it can get you back to living a normal life!

  • Get Back To Being Yourself

    No more living in fear, no more worrying about a virus. Just be happy and know that your immune system is the best it has ever been.

  • We Make It Easy

    Everything you need in 1 pills. Vitamin C , Elderberry, Acai and Goji Berry are just some of the main ingredients Theramune has to offer. Giving you the confidence you need to go about your days like you use to

  • Get Closer With Family

    Having a stronger Immune system means you can start to create those wonderful memories with family again. This is why people just like you are choosing Thermune for their immune system defense.

Immune Boosting Made Simple

We did the research so you don't have to! Theramune is back by numerous clinically studied immune boosting ingredients.
Made In The USA

Not only do was make Theramune in an FDA registered facility. We also manufacture and source ALL of the ingredients right here in the USA Ensuring the highest quality product.

Lab Test

Each Batch of our immune booster is 3rd party tested. This gives our customers the confidence they need knowing that what they are putting in their bodies is safe and effective.

Clinically Studied

All of our ingredients are clinically studied. What this means for you? The research has been done. The Immune system increasing properties of Theramune have been studied and tested over years of research and development .

Who is Alphabolix

We are much more than a your run of the mill nutritional supplement company.

We are a community of individuals working together to

bring the consumers a better option in natural immune support.


I fell better than ever. ive been taking theramune for 2 weeks now and can feel the difference . I work in the medical field and im exposed to viruses on a daily basis. This gave me the confidence i needed to go about my day.

I've always been a skeptic with these thypes of products but hey when something works it works 5 stars for me! It does its job, tho im not a doctor i do feel that my immune system increased.